Episode 4: Showing up w/ Bobby Jones

In this wide ranging conversation, the author and entrepreneur Bobby Jones talks about business, culture, sports – and the role each plays in making the world a bit better. In sharing his own journey growing up in Washington DC, Bobby talks about the importance of just “showing up for each other”,  seeing examples of successful people who look like you in your neighborhoods  and asking ourselves to think about what we’re “putting in the hands” of our young people that will shape their path forward.  

Bobby Jones, co-founder of Good is the New Cool and brand purpose consultancy Conspiracy of Love. Through these platform he’s helping creators and innovators around the world use business and culture as forces for good. His first book, Good is the New Cool has spawned a podcast, workshops, conferences and a soon to be released sequel titled The Principles of Purpose.

Links to Learn More: About Bobby Jones, Good is the New Cool, Conspiracy of Love

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