Episode 1: Tailwinds w/ Shai Davidai

To give you a taste of Shai Davidai’s work, here is a sampling of how the media has featured his research: “How much of a role does luck play in our success or failure?”  The Guardian; “To tackle inequality, remember the advantages you’ve had”; The New York Times; and “Why is my life so hard?” from Freakonomics radio

In this conversation, we’ll cover a lot of ground from his fascinating and prolific research studies on how we think about what contributes to our success and failures. But make sure you stay on to the end of our talk, where we talk about how this plays out in our own lives and the tough choices we make for our children.

Shai Davidai is an assistant professor at Columbia Business School. Shai’s research examines people’s everyday judgments of themselves, other people, and society as a whole.  

Learn More: Shai Davidai, Israeli Behavioral Economists


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