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  • Your Friends

    Childhood Who we grow up with can often shape who we become. Name any friends (that you met before you were 18 years old) who left a mark on your life. Young Adulthood Whether it’s college, the military, or your first job, our friends during those first years when you leave home often help you become the person you are. Name any friends that you met when you were between the ages of 18 and 30, that had an impact on you. Adulthood There are other friends we meet a little later in life, maybe after we change jobs or move to a new town. They seem to come along at the perfect time providing inspiration or help during difficult times. Through their actions, they helped you in a meaningful way. Add their names now.
  • Your Influences

    Mentors & Advisors Through their words and actions, mentors and advisors help steer us in the right direction. Name anyone who has given you important advice or taken you under their wing. Teachers Similarly, teachers or professors can play a critical role in helping us find our way. Name any teacher or professor - at any level - who changed your life for the better. Coaches & Instructors Coaches and instructors also play a role in helping us develop the habits and skills that become invaluable throughout our lives. What coaches or instructors taught you invaluable lessons – either on the field or in life? Caregivers Good physical and mental health is often a key contributor to leading a happy life. Name any doctors, nurses or other caregivers whose care made a major difference in your life. Spiritual For many, a spiritual leader is instrumental in instilling values or providing guidance throughout life. Name anyone from your church, religion, or spiritual life that has helped you along your journey.
  • Places

    Schools. Include the name of any school or college you went to, if you believe they were a net positive for helping you become the person you are. That Made an Impact Where we spend our time exposes us to different experiences that shape us. Name any place where the people there impacted where you are in life today - it could be place you lived, worked, regularly visited, vacationed, or prayed.
  • Work

    Connections It's common to get a little help in your career. Name anyone who has ever made a connection, given a reference, helped you get a job or take advantage of a business opportunity that improved your career in a meaningful way. Colleagues There may have been other people in your work who have been instrumental in your career. They could be a boss, client, agent, associate, someone who worked beside you or that you supervised. Name anyone who made a real difference in your work along the way. Capital Money obviously matters. Name anyone who ever given you a loan, paid a debt, or provided important financial advice to either help you invest in your dreams or get through a difficult time.
  • Behind the Scenes

    Inspiration Sometimes people we never meet have a profound impact on our lives. Their lives and work inspire us. They could writers, musicians, performers, leaders, athletes, humanitarians, or just an all-around awesome person. They could be someone famous or less well-known, but include them here if they have left a mark on your life. Organizations & Programs Other times, people we never meet started something that years later would help us move up in life. It could be a community organization, public program or business innovation. Here is a short list of the many possible things that may have helped you along the way. Cut and paste any of the names below into the box below or add your own: The Assembly Line (Henry Ford) Big Brothers Big Sisters (Ernest Kent Coulter) Boy Scouts (Robert Baden-Powell) Food Stamps (Henry Wallace) Girls Scouts (Juliette Gordon Low) Head Start (Jule Sugarman) Internet (Tim Berners-Lee) Interstate Highway System (E. J. Mehren) Personal Computer (Steve Wozniak) Pell Grants (Claiborne Pell) Public television (Hartford N. Gunn Jr.,) Small business loan (Dwight Eisenhower) Unemployment benefits/Social Security (Frances Perkins) YMCA (George Williams) YWCA (Emma Robarts and Mary Jane Kinnaird) Rights There are also people who fought for certain basic rights that benefit us today. It would be impossible to include them all here, but this is a sample list that you can cut and paste into the box below. Of course, we encourage you to add some of your own as well. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Eleanor Roosevelt) U.S. Bill of Rights (George Mason, James Madison) Labor Rights (Samuel Gompers, Walter Reuther, A. Philip Randolph, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta) Women’s Rights (Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gloria Steinem) Education Rights (Horace Mann, Bunny Sandler, Thurgood Marshall, Margaret Bancroft) Children’s Rights (Lilian Wald, Jacob Riis, Jane Addams, Shirley Chisolm) LGBTQ Rights (Barbara Gittings, Harvey Milk, Marsha P. Johnson, Harry Hay, Edith Windsor) Civil Rights (Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King , Jr. Malcolm X, John Lewis) Immigrant Rights (Ezra Lazarus, Jose Antonio Vargas, Cristina Jimenez) Disability Rights (Frank Bowe, Edward Roberts, Judith Heumann, Timothy Nugent, Eunice Shriver)
  • Anyone Else?

    It’s likely the more you reflect on your life, the more people you’ll want to add. Look back to each decade of your life and your major life moments. If you remember anyone who should be on your list, just scroll up to add them. (And don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to add people later.)