So You Agree in Principle or in Practice?

Consider the following pairs of questions:
Do you support alternative energy? Would you approve of a windmill farm that blocked your home’s view?

Do you believe that people have a right to housing?What if a new housing development might lower your property value?

Do you believe that people deserve second chances? Would you welcome a former convict into your neighborhood?

In each pair, most would philosophically agree with the first question on principle.

Are You Feeling More Restless?

Last week, my five-year old daughter suffered a small fracture in her tibia just below the knee. Ultimately, she will be fine. As they say, we grow stronger in all the broken places. For now, she is laid up with a removable knee brace, unable to walk, go to school, or move freely about on her own.
She has warmed to this new situation. Reminiscent of Hodor and Bram from Game of Thrones, she must be carried everywhere and has an innate power over all of us as we cater to her every desire. The