Announcing an Exciting New Opportunity with Fast Company

Beginning this month, Fast Company will be serializing Moving Up: The Truth About Getting Ahead in America on Fast Co.Exist.

Fast Company is inspiring its readers to think beyond traditional boundaries and lead conversations that will propel the future of business. Fast Co.Exist is their daily exploration of the latest world changing ideas and innovations, focusing on projects that can change the way people live in the next year — and the next 100 years.

This is a perfect environment to extend our conversation about what it really takes to move up in America and we are excited that hundreds of thousands of people online will now have the chance to read and engage with our content.

Each week, Fast Company will post a new installment of Moving Up on their website and share it across their social media platforms.

If you’re not already a Fast Company reader, we recommend checking them out now. And please consider signing up for free updates to Fast Co.Exist.

We’d like to thank our friends at Fast Company for giving us this incredible platform to share Moving Up with their readers and followers.
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements for what’s next with Moving Up. Thank you again for all your support. Keep #MovingUpUSA.


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