Are You Writing a Resume or a Eulogy?

This is a terrific question raised in a TED Talk by columnist David Brooks. Are more of your actions something to talk about on your resume or for others to talk about at your eulogy?

In Linda Ellis’ poem, The Dash, she asks readers to reflect on that “dash” on your tombstone; your life’s actions between birth and death.

So, when your eulogy is being read,

with your life’s actions to rehash…

would you be proud of the things they say

about how you spent YOUR dash?

Take a minute and think about your recent actions. How you approached your day, week, month, or past year. How you spent your time and energy.

Was it to get the job done and score short-term points? Or was it to plant seeds for a long-term legacy?Read more about WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND.

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