“Best in” vs. “Best for”

As the decade comes to a close, there are no shortage of “Best of” lists — best stories, best films, best songs, best books, best teams, best players etc.

Perhaps you’ve also done your own personal best of the decade list. It would probably be filled with milestones, accomplishments, vacations, and events.

What we don’t see are many “best for” lists.  In other words, what were the best things done for someone else?

So as this decade comes to a close,  consider taking a few minutes to make a list answering these two questions:

— What were the best things you did for someone else this decade?

— What were the best things that someone did for you this decade?

Just a little time reflecting on these two questions will probably leave you feeling more grateful, appreciative and maybe even energized going into the new year.

Here’s to doing more “for” in 2020 and beyond.

Happy New Year.

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