Introducing Your American Dream Score: Find Yours Today

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of Your American Dream Score, a simple online tool to find out what factors were working for and against your efforts to achieve the American Dream.
The tool was made possible with generous support from the Ford Foundation and is being launched in conjunction with WNET, America’s flagship PBS station, and its’ Chasing the Dream Initiative.

It takes less than five minutes to discover Your American Dream Score. You’ll be asked several questions about your life, each representing a factor that research shows correlates to social mobility and/or happiness in life.
Once completed, you receive a score and a list of what you had working for and against you. The higher your score, the more you had to overcome. The lower the score, the more you had working in your favor.
You are also given a link to a song that symbolizes your journey and are encouraged to take some action.  This includes sharing your score on social media if you’re proud of what you’ve had to overcome, or grateful for the people and factors that helped you. 
We’d like to thank our friends at WNET and the Ford Foundation for making this new extension of Moving Up possible and providing such a wonderful platform for launching it. 
Importantly, I’d also like to thank each of you. Without your early support for Moving Up, this latest venture would not be happening.
Please find Your American Dream Score and share it with your friends today.
My score is 67, showing that while I had many things I had to overcome, I had almost as many things working for me – including great friends.  My song?  Appropriately enough was Somewhere Over the Rainbow – a symbol of this hopeful journey I’ve been on.
Stay tuned for more news on Your American Dream Score and Moving Up.


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