Yesterday was a mother’s day unlike any other. Under normal circumstances this would be a day where mothers would either be lavished with gifts, taken out to dinner, or maybe just given a break.

No doubt children and families did their best to try and cobble something together along those lines despite our current limitations. 

To repeat a well-worn cliche, now more than ever, mom’s deserve the recognition that too often gets taken for granted. Even as we all shelter in place, mom’s end up shouldering more of the load – in ways too many to number.

A recent study suggests that men believe that they themselves are picking up more of the workload. For example, half of all men believe that they are doing most of the homeschooling.  A statement that only 3% of moms agree with. This overstatement is not just a sign of the times, but a sign of every time.

In my own home, it is hard to overstate how much I appreciate what my wife is doing these days.  Yet, I don’t state it often enough. I hope our daughters reflect upon this time with an equally deep sense of appreciation. Recognizing how hard it is to hear “Mom” yelled from all corners of our home with needs sometimes cloaked in anxiety, anger or tears. Or realizing how challenging it can be to create fun ways to have family picnics, sister gym class, or game nights with their friends while physically distancing.  Perhaps most of all remembering the sacrifices she makes in pursuing her interests, growing her business and maintaining her own sanity in order to make their lives easier during difficult times. 

It shouldn’t take either a holiday or a crisis to appreciate the fullness of a mom’s contributions.  Yet it does provide a perfect opportunity to do so.

So to my wife, Julie, thank you, thank you, thank you for being the amazing mom that you are. Without you we’d be an absolute mess.  With you, we’re a family making the best out of an awful situation.

With my own mom, our interactions these days largely revolve around awkward facetime chats held at hectic times and odd angles (somehow always involving looking up into her nose.)  Like many, I miss my mom more and more these days – and cannot wait for the day I can give her a big, enduring hug.

I am grateful that I will hopefully have that opportunity at some point.  And I also recognize that many others will not. My heart goes out to those who have lost their mom during this crisis or at any time for that matter.

I hope that in thinking of her, a smile comes to your face remembering her and what she meant in your life – during the best and worst of times..

Belated means “happening later than should have been the case.”   Which means that every day, we can say “Happy belated mother’s day” to all who hold that esteemed role and deserve our daily admiration.

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