To support someone or something can mean many things. The definition can be either to provide material assistance – often in the form of financial help – or  “to bear the weight of something or hold up.”

The former is clearly a lighter lift. We can make a phone call, donate a few dollars, provide a reference etc. The latter is literally a heavier commitment . 

If I asked you how many people, causes or organizations you support according to the first definition, it might be a pretty expansive list. But if you had to apply the second definition, how much more exclusive is that group?

For whom or what do you “bear the weight of?”

For much of my life, I have, by dint of personality and priorities, supported certain people, causes, or organizations nominally while believing my contributions to be more significant than they really were.  

Ideally supporting someone or something should be a vocal and visible demonstration.  If you truly believe in someone or something and as a result support them, no one should need to glean or divine what or who you stand for.

I have also, at times throughout my life, been judgmental of those who wear their hearts on their sleeve and speak up too vociferously for people and causes. Unfairly questioning their motives as being born out of virtue signaling rather than their willingness to hold up for the world to see what they believe in.   

My own insecurities, fears or false modesty have kept me from supporting others more fully. To bear their weight in such a way for others to see who and what I believe in. This more demonstrable form of support also has another benefit.  It disperses the weight any one person has to bear – either as an individual struggling or for a cause in need of others to carry the flag.

I am thankful for all those who have supported me in my life. So many have held me up or helped to bear what would have otherwise been unbearable weights.  

And thank you to all of you who support this work by reading or sharing what I write each week. 

Should you wish to show your support more visibly, we’ve recently teamed up with A Collection of Goods to create a small line of t-shirts that capture the spirit of questioning how we end up where we do and celebrate those who have helped us along the way. 

Through the end of the year, proceeds from the sales of these t-shirts will go to our non-profit The Moving Up Media Lab to help fund our upcoming podcast and future projects.  Stay tuned for more on the release date of the podcast and thank you in advance for your continued support.

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