Thank You

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of your support and interest in these weekly notes.

Thank you for taking a few minutes each Monday morning to read these emails.

Thank you for your emails to me filled with kind words and your own personal stories.

Thank you for forwarding these words to your friends and colleagues.

Thank you for posting them on social media.

Thank you for finding Your American Dream Score.

Thank you to those whose research has informed these emails.

Thank you to those whose work helping others has been featured here.

Thank you to the writers and artists whose creations have sparked an idea for a weekly note.

Thank you to Fast Company, Huffington Post, Medium and Thrive Global for publishing some of this writing.

Thank you to the Ford Foundation for the many ways they have supported this work.

Thank you to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who has introduced me to so many people featured in these emails.

Thank you to PBS’s flagship station WNET for spreading the word and developing curriculum around this work.

Thank you to my friends and family for the material of our lives that sometimes gets shared.

And along those lines, thank you to my six-year old daughter who has finally fallen asleep allowing me to finish this email to you.

I appreciate the many demands on your daily time as well as the chaos in our culture that makes this time feel all the more precious. 

With that as context, I am especially grateful for any time you find for me and these weekly notes.  

I wish you safe travels and wonderful times with your friends and family this Thanksgiving. 


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