What About Us?

This is a question voiced by all who feel forgotten, neglected or marginalized.

It is also the title of the powerful song just released by Pink off her forthcoming album, Beautiful Trauma.
It is no surprise that the lyrics are already being seen as an anthem for any number of disenfranchised groups.

It is the universality of a plea to those in power that so easily resonates.  The factory worker asking why his wages get cut while his CEO’s salary triples.  The veteran who fights in a war abroad and has to fight for benefits when she returns. The black man driving home from work assumed to be a criminal in his own neighborhood. The cop trying to serve and protect who is assumed to be a racist. The woman whose work is equal but pay is not. The child who wants to inherit a planet fit to live on but sees one natural disaster after another. The voter who just wants their vote to count but wonders if it ever will.

The list goes on and on and on.  It encompasses groups of all ages, backgrounds and political parties.  It sadly is a question that could be posed by a majority of Americans.

What about us?

The desperation of the question may seem at odds with the upbeat track that drives this song. Until you get to the appropriately named bridge.  Instead of feeling hopeless we become the hopeful.

Consider these lyrics:

“Sticks and stones, they may break these bones
But then I’ll be ready, are you ready?
It’s the start of us, waking up come on
Are you ready? I’ll be ready.”

Watch her performance of this song on Saturday Night Life.  Listen carefully to the lyrics.

Then ask yourself, are you ready?

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