You’ve got some nerve

Several years ago, I pinched a nerve in my neck. Unbeknown to be, this was cutting off signals that extended down through my left arm. When I finally went to see my doctor, we discovered that I had lost 50% of muscle strength in my left triceps.
My muscle had atrophied and there was some question as to whether that strength would ever be recovered. Fortunately, after months of physical therapy, it did. But both literally and figuratively, it revealed to me an unforeseen connection between our nerves and our strength.
Sometimes in small, imperceptible ways, we lose our nerve and our strength follows.  Until eventually, we realize we have become weaker.
My daughters adore the singer, Brynn Cartelli, who won the Voice several years ago.  While only 16, she seems wise beyond her years – as evidenced by her song Grow Young.
At one point she sings:
I don’t see the rush of growing old

At what point in time does a heart go cold?
I began thinking of the last time I did something that took a lot of nerve. When I flexed by muscles by challenging myself.  

Well let’s just say, examples didn’t readily come to mind and the list was short.
Seems like a good time to add a few things to that list. Get some nerve.  Flex some muscles and maybe even grow a little younger.

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