I love books. Reading them, owning them, sharing them and obviously writing them. The smell of an old book is a reminder of all those who have similarly valued the words born out of another’s mind. The feel of a new book ushers in the anticipated value to be delivered in small doses over the weeks you will spend reading it.

I have always thought of owning a bookstore. The allure of being surrounded by books and book lovers is so compelling. While the idea of a brick and mortar store is one for another day, I have, with the generosity provides to authors, created a digital one.

So today marks the not so grand opening of McKinnon’s Books.  It’s a modest endeavor designed to share books from my shelf to yours.

In this little shop on the net, you’ll find my own book (soon to be books with three more at various stages of production), a section that features books from guests of my podcast Attribution,  books that I’ve referenced in these weekly notes, and a small children’s section.  I hope to be adding a FOB section (Friends of Bob’s) – so if you have a book you’d like me to carry just send me a note.  In the future, when I  reference a book in these weekly notes, the link will take you to McKinnon’s Books.  Of course, I would always encourage you to first support your own local bookstore. 

The reasons to open this store were simple – to conveniently find all the books that I link to in this space and others and as a vehicle for raising funds for good causes. 

First off, supporting this store supports, a wonderful organization for authors, booksellers and buyers.  In addition 10% of each sale goes back to local independent bookstores who also use Finally, 10% of each sale goes to me. My initial plan is to take whatever modest amount I receive and donate it back to literacy organizations doing great work to support future readers. 

So if you love books as much as I do, I hope you spend a little time perusing McKinnon’s Books.  At the very least, it provides a brief glimpse into the kinds of work I enjoy and reference in my own writing and podcast.  

Often, when I buy a book –  online or in store – my youngest daughter will ask why I’m not just borrowing one from the library. I tell her that I love and support libraries but also want to support bookstores and authors.  

With every purchase, whether in my store or any other, you do the same.  So on behalf of all the authors and booksellers out there –  thank you. 

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