Can You Connect The Dots?

The factors that contribute to our success work in concert, not isolation.

Our health impacts our ability to learn. Our ability to learn impacts our health. A single traumatic event from our childhood can have lifelong consequences.

When we don’t connect the dots, we draw incomplete pictures that make little sense. This fosters multiple bureaucratic systems working in silos and frustrating systems that add to core problems instead of solving them.

This can create a situation, best described by one United Way director as, “Being poor is like a full-time job.”

Try this. Get a picture of yourself. On the outline, create a series of dots. Now label them as different things or people that connect to you or your place in life. Finally, imagine erasing a few of these dots. Does this change who you are and how your life looks?

Learn more about why CONNECTING THE DOTS is so important.

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