When I was younger, I first dreamed of playing left field for my beloved Boston Red Sox. That obviously didn’t work out. Later in 4th grade, I wrote that my life’s ambition was to work hard and make enough money to take my mother to Disney World. That dream came true. At different points, I dreamed of going to college, being a writer, becoming a professor, going to Scotland, getting married and becoming a father. All of which have now happened and for which I count myself incredibly blessed.

Any dream of mine that became a reality was through the gracious support of others.

When I was 10, I moved from Boston to rural Pennsylvania. The transition was not easy. I looked and sounded differently than others. Being a natural introvert did not help, neither did the teasing I received from many of my new classmates.

Fortunately there was a teacher, Jack Downs, who helped me feel welcomed. He was kind and funny and made me feel more at home each day. Years ago, I tried to reach out to thank him, only to discover that he had died just two weeks earlier.

My new book, America’s Dreaming comes out this week. It is a love letter to teachers like Mr. Downs. It also serves as a important reminder that we all deserve to be seen and feel welcomed.

If you ever felt alone in a crowd or know someone who has felt like they don’t belong, consider purchasing this book.

If a child you love is starting a new school in the fall, please read this book to them

If you had a teacher like Mr. Downs who made you feel welcomed, find them and thank them.

If you are a teacher or know one and would like me to visit your school in the fall, contact Booked and let them know I sent you.

If you would like to be involved in helping us place Welcome Wagons of books, that share the theme of kindness and belonging, in schools that could use them, please email me.

If you want to come to a book event, check out this calendar that will be regularly updated.

If you want to share what’s happening with the book and its messages, follow me on my fledgling Instagram account.

Finally, if you have a dream that I could help inch closer to reality in any way, please reach out and let me know.

I never dreamed of being a children’s author, although I now love it. The opportunity to distill valuable life lessons and make them accessible to children in lyrical and beautiful ways is simply awesome.

And so, I dream of writing more books. Books I hope on their merit, kids will love and grownups will find of value.

But like any dream, in order for it to become a reality, I will need the support of people like you.

Thank you in advance for all that you do in making this new book and any of my dreams come true. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate it

May your own dreams become more real each day. Keep dreaming.


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