I have a headache. The precise location of the pain is above my left temple. The temple is particularly vulnerable as it is the place where the four bones of your skull fuse together.

The name temple is somewhat ironic. In ancient times dating back thousands of years, it was believed that headaches were caused by evil spirits.

In order to give them a physical route to leave the “temple” they would drill a hole in the skull.  A far cry from “take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”

I’m blathering on about my headache because I can hardly think about anything else. The pain is like a nagging little sibling walking annoyingly beside me.  Of course, I am not walking anywhere but laying down as I type this. Hoping that if I drift off to sleep the headache may drift away as well.  Of course it does not. 

There are many sources of headaches; tension, trauma, inflammation, dehydration and others.  All sharing a sense of unrelenting pressure. Some have genetic roots, others are self-inflicted.  Mine is the latter.

This means that my headache will pass, presumably within a day. I will be free to live my life fully again without the distraction of this unwelcome companion.

Others will not be so lucky. Those who suffer from chronic migraines or cluster headaches have pain that can last for weeks, months or even longer.  I cannot possibly imagine what that is like. 

People living in constant pain of any type, often suffer in silence. Their ailments are often not readily visible. There is no cast or bandage to trigger our sympathy.

Some question their pain, doubt its severity. They may wonder why they are unable to perform the basic tasks of daily life, when in fact they should be impressed that they are able to do anything at all.

So count your blessings if you are free of pain today.  If you’re not and are suffering, then I truly hope you feel better soon. 

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