Origins vs. Traditions: Baseball, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie

Hot dogs didn’t come to America until the 1860’s when a German immigrant began selling them off a cart in New York’s Bowery.

Apple pie came to America courtesy of England – via Geoffrey Chaucer’s recipe.  But apples originated from Asia – which is also where fireworks were created.

Baseball, our national pastime, may actually trace its roots back to Egypt – where the first use of a bat and ball were discovered.

Finally, America didn’t invent the idea of democracy – that hails from Greece. In fact, the word democracy isn’t even in the Declaration of Independence.

There are many fine traditions associated with July 4th.   Celebrating them binds us together as a nation. 

But origin stories do us one better, they connect us more broadly to the world and remind us of our shared humanity.

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

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