We Are Honored

Want to feel good?  Read the definition of honor.  It can be received, given, and felt deeply. It is about respect, reputation, reverence, and integrity. Most importantly it is about recognition. 

Recognition not in the sense of receiving an award but in making sure we see and acknowledge what is important and good around us. 

Yes we can recognize bravery in combat with the Congressional Medal of Honor but we can also honor our mothers by treating them with the utmost respect and living in a way that would bring honor to them.
It is has become easier to see the dishonor around us. When people lie, cheat, steal,  bully, and harm — it is seems somehow more newsworthy and easier to recognize.  
Yet I would argue that there is more honor all around us, if we just take the time to see it.  To make it easier, consider the following examples:
 On Thursday a new class of Truman Scholars were announced. These young men and women were honored for pursuing a career in public service.  What these college students have already accomplished is amazing. Just a few minutes reading some of their bios will give you enough inspiration to last a week.
Fast Company also announced their winners and finalists for their annual World Changing Ideas contest.  We were honored to be included on the list for our work on Your American Dream Score. Just click on a few of the projects honored and you will feel a little better about our country’s future.
If you’re looking for a more regular dose of what is honorable, then check out Nation Swell.  Everyday they share different stories about people worthy of our honor for their efforts to make the world a better place.

But we don’t need to click on a link or read another story to feel or be honored. It just requires us to recognize what is best within and around us. Who honors you? What makes you feel honored?  How do you honor others?  

Among other things, I feel honored when you open and read these newsletters because I respect the time and attention you give them. So thank you, it has been my honor to share them with you. 
Perhaps this note will bring some honor to you as well.  A recognition of what is best in you. If so inclined, honor someone else by sharing this note with them and simply saying, “I thought of you when I read this.”

Either way, I hope you have a truly honorable week.

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