What Is A Vacation?

We’ve heard the depressing numbers:

  • Americans on average only receive 10 paid vacation days a year compared to 20 to 30 days in many European countries.
  • Even with that number, we don’t even use the ones we get: over 55% of paid vacation days go unused each year.
  • That number is especially alarming to the 25% of working Americans who receive ZERO days of vacation.
  • And when we are on vacation, 30% of people say they still do a significant amount of work while away.

The benefits of vacation are well documented, yet as a society we don’t really seem to value them much. Why?

While vacations are seldom stress-free (read this hilarious article on vacationing with children as an example), they still represent our best chance to truly get away from the daily grind and to recharge.

They allow us to reconnect with ourselves, with our loved ones, and the broader world around us.

While on vacation, we can explore new possibilities, go on adventures, or simply reflect on our lives. All these are invaluable to our growth as individuals.

We become better people, better parents, better partners, and yes, even better workers.

So if you’re feeling stuck, like you’re no longer moving up anymore, give yourself a break by actually taking one.

I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

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