What’s Your “Shaky Ground” Moment?

Have you ever accidentally missed a credit card payment or a bill? Had a medical scare or even found yourself in legal trouble? Even been laid off or had a child care situation that turned your schedule upside down?

Kirsten Lodal, founder of the non-profit organization LIFT Communities, calls these “shaky ground” moments.

Some people seem to live perpetually on shaky ground. Jobs that have unpredictable hours. Transportation that is unreliable. Ongoing family health issues that must be addressed at the most inconvenient of times. And so on.

Kirsten encourages us to think of our own shaky ground stories. What happened when you were on shaky ground? Who was there for you? How did you stay on your feet?

Please remember and tell that story when someone chooses to pass judgement on someone else without appreciating how scary shaky ground feels, especially when their safety net may not be as strong as yours.Learn more about the impact of fate and other uncontrollable factors in LIFE HAPPENS.

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