What’s Your Personal Economic Story?

When we think about the economy, we tend to talk in the macro sense using terms like GDP. But economics is a very personal matter. Each of us has our own personal economic landscape that plays a significant role in how well we do in life.

When you enter the job market, the industries that rise and fall during your prime earning years, shifts in your local economy, the changes in tax policy, industry regulation — all of these factors impact your own personal economic story.

Just ask a steelworker in Pittsburgh in the 1960s versus one in the 1970s. Or a software engineer who worked at Pets.com during the Internet bubble of the 1990s versus one who joined Facebook during the current surge in the digital economy.

What is your personal economic story? How has your job market been? What wave did you catch or what undertow dragged you under?

Take a minute to check out the Opportunity Index created by Opportunity Nation.

When you get there, make sure not only to see how your own community is doing, but “travel” to other communities that perhaps aren’t doing so well.

Now imagine being a young adult starting out there. What’s different?Read more about the role FREE ENTERPRISE plays in our lives.

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