This is the fifty-second newsletter I’ve shared this year. The other fifty-one can be found here

In addition, I’ve shared eight PBS podcast episodes, two NPR special programs, including Seeing Erin Hagerty – which may be the best thing I’ve made in a while

I’ve shared four published articles, including this one for Parents about how to talk to your kids about class

I’ve shared with my publisher drafts of my next two children’s books. Given publishing timelines, they won’t be shared with the world until 2024 and 2025 respectively.

I’ve shared a screenplay I’ve written this year with three friends in the industry who in turn shared notes with me. 

All of this sharing was possible because of what others have shared with me: Their stories, their resources, their platforms, their time, their attention, and their inspiration. 

As the childhood expression goes – sharing is caring. This is particularly true with acts of creation. 

Of course, there is some ego involved in the making of things. At the same time, we share what we make because we believe someone else will find value in it. In turn, people share what they watch, see, hear, read and feel with others for the same reason.

This is just as true for a picture your child makes you and is placed on the fridge as it is for an academy award winning film. 

With that in mind and recognizing that some may be looking for some end of the year inspiration, let me share a quick list of some things that moved me over the last twelve months:

Among my favorite books I read this year are Acceptance, Invisible ChildThe EveryRecitatif A New Earth, and Lost & Found

Television shows that I found binge worthy included LimitlessTed Lasso,The Beatles documentary Get Back and Succession

I discovered a few new podcasts that I couldn’t get enough of, including:  Plain English with Derek ThompsonSmartless and The Rebooting.

Movies that inspired me in 2022 included The FablemansCodaElvis and The Impossible. Also I can’t wait to watch Aftersun next week.

New newsletters that I found valuable were For the Interested and Experimental History.

Musicians/Songs added to my playlist included Phoebe Bridgers (Funeral and Sidelines), Marcus Mumford (You’ll Never Walk Alone), Noah Cyrus I Burned LA Down and Ron Pope’s The Good Old Days (parents this one may make you a little misty.)

I hope you find some of what I shared – either in this list or throughout the year – of value. Thank you all for sharing your time with me and for many of you who have shared this newsletter with others. 

Finally, please feel free to share anything  that you think I might find of interest. I’m always looking for a little inspiration. 

Happy New Year. 

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